Kandahar Through Afghan Eyes 2010
Dates: January 20 - March 20 2012

The Kandahar Through Afghan Eyes 2010 exhibit seeks to capture, through the eyes of the youth of Kandahar province, an alternate perspective about the realities of life in this province and to portray some of the challenges and opportunities as seen through the lens of the next generation. A team of 15 male and female students selected from schools throughout Kandahar City were trained for six weeks on the principles of photography, journalism, and Pashto literature. These students visited different parts of the province and photographed a wide range of themes such as entrepreneurial spirit, harvests, people on the move, and Kandaharis at play. They documented the daily lives of Kandaharis in a manner that is rarely seen by those living outside the province.

The Railway and Forestry Museum invites visitors to enjoy a unique experience that resonates with families and communities. Many people in communities across Canada have a story to tell about their experiences in Afghanistan. This exhibit provides an environment in which visitors can ask questions about Afghanistan and learn about another way of life.