'A Splash of Flora' - Paintings by Karma Vance
Dates: February 20 – April 30 2021

We are thrilled to welcome a new temporary art exhibit opening at the Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum this Saturday, February 20th. Artist, Karma Vance is excited to help us usher in Spring with her floral collection in the new show a 'A Splash of Flora'. You'll have a spring in your step after visiting Karma Vance's new show, 'A Splash of Flora' at the Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum.

' I have had many rich years in the field of education; teaching, learning, exploring and questioning. Now, I am loving the freedom I have earned from all that I have learned.

Workshops, tutorials and years of experience have gifted me with a plethora of techniques, and understanding of colour interplay and the drama of light/dark contrast. Most importantly, I realize that 'there are no rules'.

Painting is a meditative exercise for me. The process of creating is a deep, internal journey that results in amazing unknown results. First I do the 'talking', then the painting 'talks'. We work together immersed in saturated colours, broad brush stokes and exciting accidents. Acrylic paints are my preferred media.

I intentionally work in series; painting landscapes, figures, still lives and abstracts.

My current goal is to incorporate more chaos and looseness with the image. I use a framework of underlying boundaries and a strong composition, then break up the edges to create a dance of movement and energy. It is my desire to create a feeling, a shout, a murmur - a gesture of communication that does not always have to be understood.'  Karma Vance