100 Years of the BC Forest Service
Dates: Apr 11 - November 17 2012

The Central B.C. Railway and Forestry Museum is pleased to showcase a new exhibit commemorating the 100th anniversary of the B.C. Forest Service.

Established in 1912 as the Department of Lands, Forest Branch, the B.C. Forest Service has indeed changed a great deal since the early days of Rangers and Watchtowers on the frontiers of the B.C. But more important than what has changed, is what has remained the same. For nearly a century, the B.C. Forest Service has maintained their commitment to forest resource stewardship, a dedication not only to the forests themselves, but to the very future of B.C.

This exhibit examines how the B.C. Forest Service has changed over the last century; at the same time as emphasizing how it has remained the same. Specifically, it outlines the development of the various departments of the B.C. Forest Service, and demonstrates how far they have come by displaying photographs and artifacts dating back to its early days, and displaying along side them photographs and tools associated with the Forest Service today