MiniRail Rental

Are you interested in having the Cottonwood Minirail for your next event? 

The Cottonwood Express is $500* for a local event. 

*If your event is a non-profit or similar event, please contact us for a quote or more information. 

Out of town (Prince George, BC) events are $500 plus mileage, meals and accommodation. 

We have a mandatory space requirement for the set up of the Cottonwood Express. 

The minimum width for the Cottonwood Express is 80 ft. The optimum set up space would be 84 ft x 168 ft. 

The minirail track can be configured differently (large or small oval, large or small square) for your events needs. 

The initial set up for the Cottonwood Express track is up to 8hours. 

For repeat events, set up time can range from 1.5 hours to 8 hours. 

Please contact Kathy Carlson, Executive Director, to book the Cottonwood Express.