How do I donate to the Permanent Collection?

  • If the item(s) you want to donate fits the criteria below please make an appointment with our archivist/curator so that they can ask you further questions about the piece.
  • Criteria
  • 1
    The item must be related to railway or forestry.
  • 2
    The item must have been used in or have a significant connection to Central British Columbia
  • 3
    The item must be operable or intact.
  • 4
    The museum will not collect hazardous items

    This includes items that are:
    Infested with pets
    Under pressure
    Containing toxic chemicals

  • 5
    The museum will not collect an item if it is a duplicate of existing items in the collection.
  • 6
    The museum will not accept photographs and documents in which the owner will not transfer copyright ownership to the museum (if held).
  • 7
    The donor must own the piece they are donating.

If the curator or archivist is interested in accepting the item, donors must sign a certificate of gift. This transfers the ownership of the item(s) to the museum.

Do not abandon items on site. Items abandoned will be disposed of.

After the certificate of gift is signed, the donor or the curator/ archivist has seven days to change their mind. After this period has lapsed, the donation will not be returned.

Please contact Maria Martins, Curator at about your possible donation.