Current Exhibit

Our Own Backyard

The Central BC Railway & Forestry Museum is thrilled to welcome their newest exhibit to the gallery, opening April 6th.

Exhibit Opening – April 6th  2pm-4pm

I have the great privilege of living and making art on the gorgeous lands of the Lheidli T’enneh
First Nation. I hold great reference for these lands that I was born and raised on, and like many
artists, nature is incorporated into all aspects of my work. My show is a collection of feelings
around local and nearby landscapes of this region we call home, and the backyard we call this
I paint from what is right in front of me, my sketchbooks, pleine aire pieces and much from my
memory and my mind’s eye, relying very little on photo references. While I am a
representational artist today, I am unconcerned with painting realistically. The story of the paint
is as important to me as the initial inspiration the image triggered. S for the images, I am
interested in the feeling tone of places: I make an attempt to get in touch with how my soul felt
when I was there. I manipulate colours, shapes, and construct the image towards that end.
Leaving out or adding in what will serve that purpose. Because you share this home with me, I
hope your spirit can connect with a part of mine.

Jeanette Orydzuk was born and raised in Prince George and while she lived elsewhere on occasion, she
always ended up coming home. She considers herself a Northern person and enjoys all seasons,
including winter. She worked as an art educator for many years while continuing her own practice and
participating in some memorable artistic activities in Prince George: including the Spirit Bear Project of
2006. Today she is happy to be spending her time wholly engaged in making art.
Jeanette’s primary motivation comes from the never-ending challenges that making art provides,
allowing her to continue to be a student in her life. She is working with acrylics right now, but is always
open to picking up oils, getting out the graphite or soft pastels, adding collage to her work or taking
some time to make prints. Her great joys are adding wax or fabric to my work. She allows herself to be
versatile because it helps her feel alive while creating and opens her up to ideas for more work.
Making art helps Jeanette know herself. She uses her work to understand who she is and her place in
the world. She works mostly from memory and imagination to achieve a feeling tone of an image rather
than a representational one. Her life is celebrated in her art: events, travel, friends, and family. Every
piece is influenced by her emotional connection to the subject.
Like many artists Jeanette is in awe of and influenced by nature. She very much enjoys getting outdoors
to plein air paint. Working representationally with the scenery, the bugs and the breeze, are all part of
the challenge that she welcomes.
Federation of Canadian Artists – Active Member since 2017